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Azalea Networks, headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, ( is the first company to deliver a truly scalable and intelligent wireless broadband mesh infrastructure through the combination of Layer-3 wireless routing technology and a multi-radio system. Azalea’s family of mesh and point-to-multipoint routers provide 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi access, 5 GHz for backhaul connectivity, and 4.9 GHz for public safety use in North America. Azalea’s solution is ideal for service providers, government agencies, and industrial enterprises that need the superior performance, scalable capacity, quality of service, seamless mobility and other advantages made possible by true, intelligent network routing.

Azalea Video Surveillance Technology

The Azalea broadband wireless network infrastructure provides wireless video surveillance superior to any other wireless solution. The Active Video Transport™ system delivers the best available video quality for video surveillance cameras, monitors and recording systems. Additional advantages include support for long-range directional links, seamless roaming for mobile cameras and monitors, high security, prioritized QoS to accommodate other applications, and the superior scalability and load-balancing afforded by Adaptive Wireless Routing™, Azalea’s patented technology that allows video, voice, or data to follow the most efficient path over a wireless network. For a video demonstration of AVT technology, visit


Unlike other wireless mesh networking solutions, which employ basic bridging and switching and that inherently limit scalability, capacity and performance, Azalea’s Adaptive Wireless Routing technology brings much needed network-wide intelligence to the wireless broadband infrastructure.

  • MSR4000
    Four-radio tri-band outdoor wireless mesh router used as gateway nodes or core routing and access nodes.
  • MSR2000
    Dual-radio (tri-band) outdoor wireless mesh router used as nodes at the edge of the network.
  • MSR1000
    Two-radio indoor wireless mesh router used to connect indoor and outdoor wireless networks.
  • MST200
    A single-radio multi-service terminal used to connect high resolution cameras and other devices to the wireless mesh network for both high-speed mobile and stationary applications.
  • NMS1000
    Intelligent network management system for ease in managing the entire network.

Press Releases

Azalea Networks Announces Agreement with Alliance Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to Distribute its Wireless Mesh Network Solution in India

Azalea Networks and Sentrus Inc. Introduce Rapid Security Network Starter Kit for Portable Wireless Communications with High-Performance Video

Dotworkz Systems and Azalea Networks Partner to Provide the First IP Camera Enclosure System Fully Optimized for Video over Wireless Mesh Networks

Seattle Police Department Monitors Mardi Gras Festivities with Wireless Video Surveillance Network from Azalea Networks

Azalea Networks Launches Wireless Network in Chengdu, Latest in Series of Major City Deployments throughout China

Contact Information

Azalea Networks
673 South Milpitas Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035


  1. “…is the first company to deliver a truly scalable and intelligent wireless broadband mesh.”

    How do you figure?

    What’s Azalea’s largest, verifiable deployment?