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Novarum provides strategic consulting and analysis for the wireless broadband data industry. Our focus is on the key technologies of Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G cellular data. Our analysis and reports cut through the confusion of this overlapping range of broadband, IP-based, licensed and unlicensed wireless data technologies. Novarum offers a unique insider perspective from pioneers in the wireless networking industry who have practical experience bringing wireless products to market. Our analysts provides guidance through the maze of technologies, standards, markets, regulatory and business issues that characterize the wireless industry.


Novarum provides strategic consulting, network design, and analysis for the wireless broadband data industry.

Novarum’s services include:

(1) Municipal, county-wide and state-wide network design:

  • confirm application requirements, match design to application
  • survey network and document assets
  • design network for high performance and cost effectiveness
  • develop implementation plan

(2) Direct client consulting for network equipment manufacturer: product planning and positioning, competitive evaluations, sales collateral.

(3) Market and product evaluations

(4) Enterprise Network design guidance and technology selection

(5) Network and service level evaluations for carriers, ISPs, and government organizations: testing and validation

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