Blackpool offers outdoor Wi-Fi service to visitors

Blackpool, a resort town in the UK, has just created a series of Wi-Fi hotzones around the center to meet the growing demand for Wi-Fi access. As more people buy devices such as the iPhone whose applications consume a lot of bandwidth, they also want Wi-Fi everywhere. The £150k Wireless Blackpool project offers Wi-Fi at over a dozen sites, including the Winter Gardens, Church Street, Victoria Street, Birley Street, Corporation Street and the areas around the North Station and Central Car Park. More will follow over coming months.

Wi-Fi access isn’t completely free of charge, with the exception of certain city websites designed to help visitors find locations and events in Blackpool. However, a voucher scheme will be rolled out in the summer which will allow businesses such as cafes, bars, restaurants and conference venues to give customers unlimited access to the web for designated periods of time.  The scheme has been developed by Blackpool Council’s ICT team in association with the business support website, using Local Enterprise Growth Initiative funding.


  1. Cy Brinn says

    I am looking for a vendor that can set up a wi-fi network for a resort community that is about 2 square miles on the east coast of the US. Please forward any info that might help.

  2. Alexis Muhly says


    I used a company in the past to setup a wifi campus solution that incorporated both free and pay-per use.

    They are located in PA and NJ and can help if your in that area of the east coast.

  3. Cy,

    We can assist you with this. Contact me at or (678)884-9625 to talk further.

    Karl Edwards
    EVP of Wireless

  4. Wireless-Enterprises is a turnkey service firm that designs, implements and operates wireless systems. I am the Business Development Manager and would welcome the opportunity to further a conversation on your particular need.

  5. I would like to speak with you about a solution for your project. United Service Center in Covington Georgia may be able to suit your needs. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call 678-210-0345 or send me an email.

  6. What city and state is your resort community located? My company has a wireless division that builds wifi networks across the country.

  7. I’d be glad to help with this or other wireless deployments assuring network integrity with power provisioning solutions.

  8. There’s a cafe/ patisserie in Blackpool called Oscar’s Patisserie on Church Street (266). Its a fantastic place to eat and drink and is already the only cafe/ venue in Blackpool offering TOTALLY FREE WiFi access for its customers. No subscriptions, no vouchers, no messing about, no time restrictions.

    Totally FREE Wifi access.