Yota Egg: portable mobile WiMAX to Wi-Fi converter

yota wimax wifi portable converter

Check out this cool device from Yota, the first Russian mobile WiMAX operator. It’s called the Yota Egg, a portable mobile WiMAX to Wi-Fi converter. If you subscribe to Yota’s WiMAX service in Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can put this egg in your bag and if you need Wi-Fi access for your iPhone, iPod Touch or laptop, just turn it on and you are connected via Wi-Fi to the Yota WiMAX network.

It’s stylish and small: dimensions of 110 x 61.8 x 28.3 mm, weight of 130 grams. The device uses WiMAX IEEE 802.16e Wave 2 over the 2.5 – 2.7 GHz frequencies, output power 200 MW (for the Wi-Fi connection, it uses 802.11b/g over 2.4 GHz, output power 3mW).

Yota claims that its WiMAX network delivers up to 10 Mbps and the connection can be maintained even when moving at 120 km per hour. I have never tried the network so I can’t verify these claims. Yota’s service is available in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ufa (the capital of the republic of Bashkortostan which is 2 hours flight from Moscow, south of Perm, west of Chelyabinsk).

Here’s what Yota charges for mobile WiMAX service:

  • 50 rubles per day ($1.67, €1.13)
  • 900 rubles per month ($30, €20)
  • HTC Max 4G phone subscription special rate: 500 rubles per month ($17, €11)

NOTE: Yota and Clearwire signed a roaming agreement at 4G World, so Clearwire gear should be able to work on Yota network and vice versa.

If anyone has used Yota’s service, please post a comment below.

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  1. catherine says

    This looks like the same sort of device that is used in Korea: http://www.engadget.com/2009/04/27/kts-egg-gives-your-wifi-device-access-to-the-wonderful-world-o/

    It’s popular with students and mobile workers.

  2. I’ve been using WIMAX for a bit of time now.the only problem is that the operator claims that the reception is great in any place in moscow,however it is not.

  3. I’ve been using Yota WiMax since january 2009.
    Though connection is inconsistent on several days of the month, it’s generally ok. (it’s good to be able see d/l speeds over 1MB/sec with wimax)

    I’ve just ordered a yota egg to make use of wimax with the navigation programs (wisepilot)of my aino cellphone while driving etc…

    GPRS services are always slow and unfortunately 3G is still not available in Moscow.

  4. I had no idea there is no 3G in Moscow. I just assumed that there would be 3G and even 4G.

  5. Hi,
    Who knows how to order (buy)the Yota Egg from the USA? How much it could be?