Spectrum experts release guide to WiMAX Band (2.5 GHz) after FCC auction

Strength-to-Strength Develop-Ed, LLC released today the most comprehensive report to date on who holds what licenses and lease rights in the “WiMAX Band” – the 2.5 GHz band used by the Broadband Radio Service (BRS) and Educational Broadband Service (EBS) and home to WiMAX giants Clearwire and Sprint.

The report, “The ‘WiMAX Band’ (2.5 GHz): Characteristics, Technology, Major Spectrum Holders in the BRS-EBS Service and Prospects for Auction 86,” comes on the eve of the next after the FCC auction in the band which began on October 27, 2009.

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The report, based on meticulous study of the FCC’s spectrum database and industry trends, concludes that Clearwire appears to be avoiding both the most rural areas and the most competitive markets, such as New York City. This creates opportunity for smaller companies such as Utopian Wireless and Xanadoo, which focus on rural markets avoided by Clearwire. The report also describes how these trends will play out in the Auction.

The Report includes resources that make this a must have reference for anyone interested in the future of WiMAX deployment in the United States:

  • A Searchable Database of All BRS and EBS Licensees and Spectrum Lessees. Anyone who has used the FCC’s Universal License Service knows how difficult it is to search for even basic information. The master database takes all the information and puts it into an easily searched Excel® spreadsheet.
  • Special breakout tables and coverage maps for Clearwire and Sprint. Convenient tables and coverage maps show the coverage and relationships of these WiMAX giants.
  • Analysis of the top 35 other providers. The report also lists the top 35 licensees in the band after Sprint and Clearwire, describing their general market areas and what their spectrum holdings say about their strategies.

STS LLC intends to release a post-Auction update within 3 months of the close of Auction 86.

Read the Executive Summary.

You can purchase the WiMAX Band report here. The price for the Report and the Post-Auction update is $999.

The WiMAX Band was written by Dr. Gregory Rose, an econometrician and telecommunications consultant, and edited by Harold Feld, a highly respected expert on spectrum policy and industry blogger.

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