Round 1 broadband stimulus grant rejected? Contact us for Round 2 application

If your BTOP or BIP broadband stimulus grant application was rejected in Round 1, contact us now for help in getting your Round 2 application done. I’ve been getting a number of calls and emails from people who are in a panic, and I have helped them get up to speed with their Round 2 grant application.

The new deadlines is in less than 2 weeks (15 March 2010) are 26 March 2010 for BTOP Comprehensive Community Infrastructure Projects; 29 March 2010 for BIP infrastructure projects. But for public computer centers and broadband adoption projects, the deadline has NOT changed. It is still 15 March 2010.

Fill in the form below if you want help, or just email me. Make sure you put your phone number so I can call you immediately.