Hawkwood (Calgary) gets community-wide free Wi-Fi

Residents of the Calgary neighborhood of Hawkwood can now get free Wi-Fi access throughout their community and they can upgrade their service at lower prices than the traditional ISPs, says Wi-Fi provider GoNaeco. Every resident and business using the GoNaeco network also has access to a community portal site, featuring community-specific news, events and local advertising.

In addition to City of Calgary, GoNaeco has also secured approval from neighboring communities to deploy these networks. GoNaeco is using equipment from Strix Systems; Brella Wireless, a sister company of GoNaeco, runs the network. Brella has a roaming agreement with iZone across Canada for a monthly fee.

It will be interesting to see how far GoNaeco gets with the free Wi-Fi rollout. Many companies have gone out of business (MetroFi, Kite Networks, and others) trying to do so. The business model – free but supported by advertising – works only if there are enough people using the network. Advertising can support a network if there are thousands of people using it. It means this model does not work in suburbs and other low density areas.

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  1. mark r. says

    actually Forest Lawn was the first to get Wi-fi by westnet wireless