Corpus Christi, Texas muni Wi-Fi welcomes Spring Break

Corpus Christi, Texas is one of the few cities in the US with a citywide Wi-Fi network used for a variety of applications: municipal (public safety, automated meter reading) and public Internet access. Now they are using the network to manage traffic and monitor public safety (via wireless video cameras) during the busy Spring Break which draws thousands of college students to Corpus Christi every year. The city has upgraded the wireless network along the five-mile stretch of beach where students bake in the sun and party to their hearts’ delight. There is free Wi-Fi in beach areas (see the locations of WiFi hotspots below).

corpus christi free wifi hotspots

For the full list of hotspots, go to The city uses equipment from Tropos Networks, Solis Energy solar panels and Sony wireless video cameras.

The city set up the wireless network in 2005 initially for a meter reading project that involved the installation of 120,000 water and gas meters. The same wireless network allows city employees working in different departments to perform daily tasks outside the office. Using the same infrastructure, the city has created several large Wi-Fi hotzones that provide Internet access. They have reported over 20,000 user sessions per month, and have asked Google to include the city in its fiber experiment. I wonder how much fiber the city of Corpus Christi owns and how much of it is being used for the city’s Wi-Fi network.

Interesting history: Corpus Christi took over the EarthLink Wi-Fi network in 2008.


Is your city interested in deploying a network like this?


  1. Corpus Christi’s WiFi is very “spotty”. Good luck with the WiFi “HotSpots”. The Shoreline hotspots rarely work, they need to spend less time marketing and more time making the network more robust.