Dublin, Ohio becomes largest Wi-Fi hotzone in Central Ohio

Dublin, Ohio has the largest Wi-Fi hotzone in central Ohio according to the press release issued by HighSpeedAir, a family-owned business based in Dublin, Ohio, which is responsible for deploying the network. The primary goals of this network are to enhance public safety and improve the city’s operational efficiencies, while also offering a valuable broadband service option to the community.

One area of increased efficiency for the city includes almost instantaneous information dissemination for police, who can also file field reports from cruisers without returning to the Justice Center. It also allows the police to have improved communications in mobile command units during emergencies.

The technology also will benefit large-scale events such as the Memorial Tournament and the Dublin Irish Festival. HighSpeedAir’s presence in Dublin, Ohio will provide Internet access to all types of wireless devices, including laptops, IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch, Blackberry, Droid and many others. Signal-boosting devices for homes and businesses are available, which will improve the speed and quality of access to the network at a low cost.

HighSpeedAir’s gateway, managed by ProntoNetworks, provides an automated, secure payment platform for a range of service plans, including the Bronze Plan, a basic monthly subscription for $19.95. The network uses Cisco equipment.

Other plans are available at http://dublin.highspeedair.com or by calling 614-718-9304. Access to the system also can be achieved by connecting to the HighSpeedAir or the CitywideWiFi SSID located in the users’ view of available networks, launching the web browser and following the registration instructions.

Click on the Google Map of the Dublin, Ohio Wi-Fi network to see the area of coverage.


  1. It is good to see more WiFi networks deployed.

    It is unfortunate that this was deployed with legacy, very expensive 802.11g technology.