A brutally honest AT&T Twitter feed… Not from AT&T

UPDATE: As a more-awake commenter noted below, this probably isn’t an “official” AT&T Twitter feed. That explains a lot, eh? Corrected the headline to reflect reality.

While we are all for honesty and transparency when it comes to corporate business dealings, you have to wonder how long the person running the @ATTUpdate feed on Twitter is going to hold onto their job. Just today @ATTUpdate directed its followers to a new T-Mobile video that continues Big Pink’s AT&T-mocking ad campaign; this follows Tweets from Sunday from @ATTUpdate that directed followers to a story about an outrageous wireless billing incident involving AT&T, a blog post critical of AT&T’s lobbying efforts, and a strangely non-sequitir directive toward a blog following the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs.

I mean — they are all interesting stories and thanks for the pointers AT&T but it’s hardly a way to show your social media savvy. Then again, maybe the company’s blogger guy is taking a holiday break and the news-auto-bot is simply running wild with some keyword searches. Enjoy the mis-directives while we can, I guess.

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Paul Kapustka is a longtime journalist who has spent more than two decades covering the information technology business, Paul most recently has been focusing on mobility and how it has changed the computing and collaborative landscape. His newest project outside Mobile Enterprise 360 is a research and analysis operation called WiFi Journal. He is also editor in chief of Mobile Sports Report, which covers the intersection of mobile technology and sports business. Paul is also the founder of Sidecut Reports, a research firm that covered the emergence of 4G technology in the cellular marketplace.


  1. Are you sure it’s an official feed? I’m pretty sure it’s just an individual, as the wallpaper is pretty satirical of the company.

  2. Duh — you’re right rick, it doesn’t look like an official feed after all. Especially since someone named “spursfan” is now following me on Twitter my guess is it’s just an anonymous type who is collecting AT&T-related stories. My bad.

    A good feed then, nonetheless. Except for the Spurs stories.

  3. I guess this garnered some attention as the account has now been suspended…