Verizon 4G LTE Business Report: May 2011

The Sidecut Reports VERIZON 4G LTE BUSINESS REPORT for May, 2011, takes a deep-dive look into the recent market launches, the new devices and overall business dealings of the provider of the nation’s first Long Term Evolution, or LTE, 4G wireless broadband network. This report examines the details of Verizon Wireless’s operations since the company launched LTE services in December 2010, and offers analysis and projections for the company’s continuing network and device rollout schedule for the rest of the year, with a look at potential competitors and their plans to counter Verizon’s LTE moves.

Prepared in an easy-to-read style with background material for those who may not have understood LTE or 4G wireless before, the report also provides thorough technical details for all the current and planned devices for the Verizon LTE network, and adds a “Sidecut Reports-Card” for one-page analysis reference of the company’s LTE efforts so far. The report is available now for immediate download for the price of $9.95 for single-user copies. For corporate site licences (permitting use by 10 or more employees) please contact

In the new report you will learn:

– Why Verizon’s aggressive deployment of LTE means it may “Rule the Air” against its main competitor AT&T, especially throughout 2011

– What LTE and 4G really mean to the end-user when it comes to device and network performance

– Why Verizon may be treading carefully with data-capped pricing plans designed to keep network use to a reasonable amount per user

– Why Verizon’s overall size and business-oriented market deployment strategy gives Verizon a good chance to win the 4G market lead from Sprint by year’s end

Price: $9.95 USD

To purchase, go to: Verizon 4G LTE Business Report: May 2011


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