Thousands of 3G tablets unsold, users not willing to pay for 2nd data plan

According to this article on Computerworld, hundreds of thousands of 3G tablets are lying unsold because customers don’t want to sign up for yet another expensive data plan. Why am I not surprised about this? Most people who have an iPhone or other smartphone already have a data plan. Having another data plan for a tablet is not affordable for most people and even those who can afford it feel as if they’re being ripped off by the mobile operator. Why not one data plan for all your devices?

apple ipad2

Of course, the biggest problem is that the tablet users send and receive much more data on a tablet than on an iPhone or an Android phone. Operators like AT&T and Verizon in the US don’t want to sell people an all-in-one data plan only to see them sending and receiving huge amounts of data on a low priced plan. So it’s back to Wi-Fi for tablet users, which isn’t a bad thing considering the abysmal quality of 3G networks in the US and many parts of the world with the operators have not kept up with the demand for mobile broadband.