Auckland, New Zealand launches metro Wi-Fi network

A fully integrated metropolitan Wi-Fi network including free Wi-Fi roaming across the central city and on public transport has gone live in Auckland. The city Wi-Fi network extends across all Link buses and some trains, with the announcement that Auckland Transport has joined the network with Auckland Council and Tomizone. Internet on the Auckland Wi-Fi network, provided free to users due to sponsorship from Localist, has already seen strong support from Aucklanders and visitors with heavy usage in the first week of operation.

“Auckland is now home to the best integrated Wi-Fi network across a city anywhere in the World and it’s something our team are very proud to have delivered in such a short time,” says Tomizone Executive Director Steve Simms.

The Wi-Fi service is available on all  new Link buses and selected trains. Over time, Aucklanders can expect to see the service expanding across the transport system and across the city.

Tomizone built the entire system with its various technologies under the design guidance of Michael Morrison, Metro Wi-Fi Engineer at Tomizone. The network uses a combination of the Tomizone Metro product from Altai combined with the Tomizone Chauffer system for transport which has been heavily used on Sydney Buses and Ferries.

The Auckland Wi-Fi network was deployed in less than 6 weeks across over 90 sites and areas including Party Central Queens Wharf, the Viaduct and new Wynyard Quarter of North Wharf. Other venues include Rugby training areas such as Onewa Domain and suburban CBD’s such as Takapuna and Devonport. Now with the addition of buses and train network, Tomizone is working on continued expansion of Wi-Fi coverage throughout Auckland over the coming months and hopes to retain sponsors to enable free access following the Rugby World Cup event.


  1. Thanks for this detailed Article about The Auckland Wi-Fi network. This would be nice if you could a bit explain what kind of Wireless or WiFi devices they are to use. Like Wireless B? G? N?. What Routers and Access Points was installed .. what is maximum connectivity and bandwidth speeds avialable in Aucklan WiFi network.

  2. TecHKinG666 says

    Yes…could you please give more information regarding the products and type…and if possible a rough sketch of the expenditure

    thank you