Libraries in Busan City, Korea go Wi-Fi

The Busan Metropolitan Simin Municipal Library has completed the installation of Korea’s first multi-library wireless LAN using 802.11n access points from Firetide. The initial phase of the project encompasses 14 Busan City Libraries. The Firetide wireless LAN in each library is designed to enrich library users’ experience by providing high-speed Internet access in and around the library. Additionally, the network allows users to connect to the library’s electric book service which enables them to easily find a specific book among the tens of thousands of publications, and download a digital copy to a Wi-Fi enabled device such as a laptop or iPad.

Demand for high-speed Internet access by library visitors is what initiated the 802.11n wireless LAN project. Firetide worked closely with the Library’s IT team to identify network requirements and designs which would provide the desired performance and coverage at each of the 14 facilities Today, each library has 200-300 unique users utilizing the wireless LAN daily. LonsTech, a wireless network and security system integrator in Korea, completed design and installation of the network in just two months, during July and August of this year.

Ms. Moon Enhwa, IT Manager of the Busan Library, was assigned to lead the project from its inception. “Providing high-performance wireless access in our libraries has become a critical need as books continue to migrate to a digital form,” stated Moon. “Not only was Firetide able to meet all of our requirements but has exceeded performance expectations. With thousands of daily users, the demand on the network is tremendous and Firetide’s wireless LAN has been extremely reliable. ”

At each library, the Firetide solution includes a FWC 2000 WLAN Controller and 100 HotPoint 5100 Indoor Access Points. The WLAN Controller supports automatic network discovery and centralized provisioning and management of Access Points. The HotPoint 5100 Access Points are mounted inside the library enabling users to connect to the network from just about any location.

“It was inspirational to work with the Busan Metropolitan Simin Municipal Library team and to be a part of their vision for extending how a library delivers information to visitors in this digital age,” said Bo Larsson, CEO of Firetide. “They are on the forefront of how libraries are adapting to digital delivery of information and we look forward to helping other libraries build wireless into their future.”