Why video is not the killer app for FTTH networks

More than 3,300 interested in broadband flocked to Munich earlier this month to review the latest trends and best practices in the FTTH industry. We were thrilled to be able to participate and share our insights on broadband, its meaningful use, and how to maximize its benefits.

Chris Holden, the organization’s president, set a tone for the conference that aligned with SNG’s own mantra – the importance of meaningful use. Holden explained that the biggest challenge facing the FTTH (fiber) market is adoption and use . . . driving meaningful use.  Holden explained that there seems to be an understanding gap when getting people to switch.

The current hope is that video becomes the killer app that will drive more people to make the switch to fiber and therefore reap the untold benefits of faster Internet. Maybe. I am less optimistic than the rest that video is the silver bullet.

As a broadband evangelist, I realize the message must change to get the masses to “convert.” How does video matter to businesses operations and competitiveness? The fact is that there are lots of audiences for whom video does not currently matter. The real question is how can you make it relevant to them and personalize the context. For example, for health care providers and their patients, broadband video would become relevant with the availability of telemedicine.

There are no shortcuts, no killer apps, or silver bullets. It’s still Marketing 101 – tangible benefits are the only thing that moves move the needle.

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About the author

Michael Curri is the founder and CEO of Strategic Networks Group. SNG is a group of broadband economists who develop strategies for most effectively leveraging broadband investments. SNG have developed a proprietary model around broadband investments (called the Broadband Lifecycle) to ensure that their clients’ investments have a deep and lasting impact.