Ruckus Wireless targets high density Wi-Fi deployments

Complaining about terrible Wi-Fi service in conferences and finding solutions to improve it are favorite topics here on MuniWireless. That’s why we are happy to report that Ruckus Wireless has released new products to target Wi-Fi hotspots in convention centers, hotel conference areas, sports arenas, train stations and city centers. As for relying on your mobile phone’s cellular connection, everyone knows that cellular connections perform miserably when you’re trying to find your friend at the entrance of a sold-out football game. How can event organisers and mobile operators improve cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity to impatient, demanding customers?

Ruckus Wireless has released the ZoneFlex 7782-N access point for high density deployments, which features an integrated 30° narrow beam antenna that operates in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. You deploy several of these APs and target them to specific areas in the stadium (as shown below) to deliver much better performance than the old omnidirectional Wi-Fi access points. Operators of wholesale Wi-Fi offloading businesses (like Towerstream) can also use these APs in crowded city areas like Times Square to allow mobile operators to reduce the congestion on their cellular networks, again by targeting the Wi-Fi signal to the spots where many people congregate and tap into their iPhones or iPads.

narrow beam WiFi APs in a stadium

ruckus wireless zoneflex

In the United States, which has hardly any densely populated cities compared to Asia, Latin America and Europe, most of the high density deployments will occur in sports stadiums and outdoor sporting or entertainment locales, convention centers and hotels. In other countries, Ruckus Wireless’s equipment will be used, not just for crowded sporting and entertainment events, but also for providing outdoor Wi-Fi access in city squares and train stations.

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