Long Beach parks get free Wi-Fi

The city of Long Beach, California has been busy setting up free Wi-Fi service in its parks as it has done with its public libraries. The city has spent $16,000 on Wi-Fi access points for the parks and encourage people to use the Wi-Fi service not just for email and web browsing, but to report vandalism and graffiti. The Long Beach Police Department has also released a mobile application for crime and safety news updates. The reason for the expansion of Long Beach’s free Wi-fi service is that people expect Wi-Fi everywhere. Here’s a list of parks where the city is currently rolling out free Wi-Fi service: Cesar Chavez, Drake, Bixby, Senior Center, Miracle, Belmont Pool, Leeway Sailing, Recreation, Stearns, Whaley, College Estates, El Dorado West, El Dorado Nature Center, Pan Am, Heartwell, Wardlow, King, MacArthur, McBride, Veterans, Admiral Kidd, Cherry, Silverado, Silverado Pool, Somerset, Davenport, Rancho Los Cerritos, Scherer, Coolidge, DeForest, Houghton and Ramona parks.