Singapore rolls out free Wi-Fi at Gardens by the Bay

Singapore has begun offering free Wi-Fi access at the recently opened Gardens by the Bay, a 101-hectare futuristic park filled with plants, flowers and trees from around the world. The park is located on reclaimed land next to the Marina Bay Sands hotel-casino-shopping mall complex.

According to the BBC News video clip below, Singapore plans to expand free Wi-Fi service across the island using the “white space” frequencies (note: wireless base stations are still required to convert the white space frequencies to those used by Wi-Fi devices). Although Singapore may seem to be an easy place to deploy citywide Wi-Fi because of population density, easy access to fibre backhaul, and a compact land area, there are many tall buildings and other structures that can interfere with Wi-Fi signals. In areas where many people use Wi-Fi to download files and watch videos, one would have to install many more wireless access points to meet demand, thereby increasing the cost of deployment.

singapore free wifi

I visited Gardens by the Bay early this year and was very much impressed by the park because of the waterfalls, arboretums, and flower gardens in an unusual setting. Now you’ll be able to take photos of what you see and send them to your friends instantly via Wi-Fi.