Smartphone users prefer Wi-Fi over cellular by a huge margin

Mobidia has published a short review of average data usage for LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi of wireless subscribers for Q3 2014 in the US.

monthly data usage


(1) On average, US subscribers consumed 1.8 GB per month in Q3 2014:

  • iOS: 1.822 GB
  • Android: 1.863 GB

(2) Wi-Fi Usage varied more widely

  • iOS: 8.89 GB
  • Android: 6.78 GB

(3) Relative to total monthly usage of any data, Wi-Fi represented the majority of data consumed:

  • iOS: 82%
  • Android: 78%

More interesting charts below.

us carriers data usage



LTE subscribers data usage

LTE data consumption

iphone users on wifi



  1. How they catch the Wi-Fi data use? Each carrier have their private Wi-Fi network?
    I’m from Brazil!

  2. According to the report they did a survey of hundreds of thousands of users. Contact for more details.