RFP for Wi-Fi network in Jordan Downs housing development, Los Angeles

The Housing Authority of Los Angeles has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to deploy and run a Wi-Fi network for 700 apartments in the Jordan Downs Housing development, a low-income housing project. According to the Scope of Work (Exhibit 1), the Wi-Fi network at Jordan Downs needs to be replaced because of the failure of a large number of Cisco Meraki access points (as well as end of support for the APs). The winning bidder will get a two-year contract, renewable for three one-year terms, at the discretion of the Housing Authority. The deadline for responses to the RFP is 30 January 2015. If you want to bid for this project, you must register with LABAVN and download the full RFP.

RFP 7605 Wi-Fi Network for Jordan Downs Los Angeles


  1. They’re looking to replace their Meraki Mesh 802.11BGN connected to thirty one AT&T DSL lines. This infrastructure needs to be replaced with 802.11AC with support for N & AC only to preserve bandwidth. Also with LADWP and/or City of LA Dark Fiber, why not use that? City of LA needs to deploy Community Wifi over High Speed Fiber like Chatanooga, TN. If providers complain, let (AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner) deploy a high speed community network. Better yet for the residents of Jordan Downs, let Comcast buy Time Warner if they can provide low cost High Speed Internet to the residents of Jordan Downs and/or LA.