Salinas, CA issues RFP for broadband infrastructure

Salinas, California has issued a request for proposals (RFP) from companies for the deployment of a broadband infrastructure that is equal to or better than current fiber optic networks in Salinas. The proposal broadband infrastructure will be open to end users and telecoms service providers. I posted a copy of the Salinas broadband RFP, but if you are serious about bidding on the project, please visit the Salinas website and make sure you download the most recent RFP and any supporting documents, and sign up for updates.

Salinas is the largest municipality in Monterey county, California; it has approximately 156,000 people. The main economic activity is agriculture. John Steinbeck was born in Salinas and many of his stories take place in Salinas.

Summary of Salinas Broadband RFP

(1) Salinas does not want to spend money to build the broadband infrastructure, but it could be a customer.

(2) City assets according to the RFP:

The City of Salinas owns a total of 16,000 feet of telecommunications conduit that is available for use (see above referenced study) by respondents. Approximately 5,400 feet is in the core downtown business district, 1,600 feet in or near the planned Agricultural Technology Corridor and another 9,000 feet in an unincorporated area southwest of the city. Over the next ten years, the City plans to build an additional 108,000 feet of conduit, with construction in key areas – downtown, the Agricultural Technology Corridor, Alisal Marketplace and new developments in north Salinas – planned to be completed in two to five years. In addition, the City has an ongoing policy of installing telecommunications conduit in excavations in the public right of way and in other public works projects.

(3) RFP Schedule

Deadline for Submitting Written Questions: February 10, 2016
Pre-Proposal Meeting: March 9, 2016
City’s Response to Written Questions: March 14, 2016
Tentative Selection Interviews: April 8, 2016
Final Selection and Notification: April 12, 2016

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Other documents relevant to this RFP:
Preliminary Broadband Plan for Salinas, CA (includes current broadband infrastructure and service map)

salinas broadband map