Google to deploy large-scale Wi-Fi in Kansas City

The Kansas City Council has approved Google’s request to deploy a large-scale Wi-Fi network in Kansas City to fill in the gaps of its fiber-to-the-home service. In 2011, Google chose Kansas City for its first fiber project in the United States after a much-publicized competition among American cities. Wireless technology has been used by many ISPs to reach homes in rural areas where laying cable and fiber would be too costly. It is already used in densely populated city centers to bring Internet access to buildings with residents and businesses. There is a lot of fiber in cities in the United States and allowing local ISPs to use it as backhaul to bring high-speed Internet access to homes would greatly improve the quality of broadband in America.


  1. Um. Because the fiber to the home to everyone idea costs more than they expected I bet. Here’s yet another reason for us to expand like crazy right now. When google comes they can buy me. 🙂

  2. Kevin,

    Are you deploying a WISP out there ?

    Like to talk if so.