Cleveland’s OneCommunity CEO named “visionary”

A New York think tank focused on broadband’s contributions to economic growth  has named the president and CEO of Cleveland’s OneCommunity “Intelligent Community Visionary of the Year for 2008.” OneCommunity is a nonprofit organization focused on using information technologies to improve the quality of life and economic development in Northeast Ohio communities. The  Intelligent Community Forum […]

Minneapolis cuts the ribbon on muni Wi-Fi network

It’s a bit behind schedule and somewhat over budget but, by the end of the month, Minneapolis‘ muni Wi-Fi network will be a reality. And, by all reports, folks there think it’s worth the wait. The network merited its share of attention last year following the collapse of an interstate highway bridge in the city, […]

Public safety at the turn of a key

A mobile wireless public safety system that promises to deliver a turnkey interoperabile solution was announced today by New Energy Technologies, a provider of in-field communications for government and municipalities. According to a press release, the NETwrkx Starter Kit uses BelAir Networks’ carrier grade wireless broadband technology “to build a high-speed wireless network covering more than one square […]

Houston’s Gulfton Super Neighborhood goes wireless

Tropos Networks will deploy its MetroMesh to provide wireless broadband service to Houston’s Gulfton Super Neighborhood, as part of the city’s digital inclusion initiative. According to a company press release,  the neighborhood is the first in the initiative to be served. Other partners in the program include Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and Verizon Wireless. Click here to read […]

Trends in muni Wi-Fi: Recent perspectives

Occasionally, we read stories that seem so rooted in the ‘where-have-they-been?’ department that they seem hardly worthy of comment. But when those stories appeared in such revered pages as The New York Times, they should be acknowledged. Last week, The Times caught up with trends in muni wireless following EarthLink’s pullback from the market, noting […]