iPad Wi-Fi fix: increase screen brightness

I know it sounds like witchcraft but sometimes, fixing software and hardware bugs is beyond mysterious. So how about this: to fix the iPad’s Wi-Fi issues, notably the problem reconnecting with your Wi-Fi base station after waking from sleep, all you have to do is increase the brightness of the screen. What? That sounds silly, […]

Sprint Reveals EVO 4G Pricing: $199 Phone, $10 extra for WiMAX, $30 for Pocketspot Capability

When we heard about plans for a big Sprint HTC EVO 4G shindig in New York tonight, we sort of figured we’d hear some more details about the first WiMAX smartphone for the U.S. market. Turns out it will be available June 4. So what will you pay for a handheld device that can surf at either […]

Oh no, not again! Anti-municipal broadband bill in North Carolina

Stop The Cap has informed us that “North Carolina’s incumbent cable and phone companies are once again trying to ram through an anti-municipal broadband bill, and their timing is designed to rush it through committee before a groundswell of consumer opposition has a chance to build. Time is short — the bill will be taken […]

iPad is 2nd most popular device on WiFi networks

The iPad is now the second most popular non-laptop device connecting to Boingo’s Wi-Fi networks, displacing Android devices and more than doubling the daily number of visits for the previous second place device, despite its recent launch (April 3, 2010). “It’s stunning how quickly the iPad has established itself as a force in Wi-Fi,” said Dave […]

Court says FCC cannot stop Comcast from blocking Bittorrent

A federal appellate court in the DC Circuit has ruled that the FCC does not have the authority under the Communications Act of 1934 to stop Comcast from blocking the use of peer-to-peer applications by customers on its network. To view the court’s opinion in PDF format, please go to FCC v. Comcast. S. Derek […]