Portland, Oregon has Wi-Fi and WiMAX alternative to MetroFi

Stephouse Networks, a Portland-based wireless ISP, announced they are offering Wi-Fi and fixed WiMAX service within the five square miles of Portland’s downtown area and two square miles of North Portland’s St. Johns neighborhood. The fixed WiMAX service is targeted to enterprise users, primarily to replace more expensive T-1 lines. Last week, I spoke to […]

Guest commentary: what are vendors and thought leaders saying about muni Wi-Fi?

The news this week has been somewhat colorful in its reporting of the role that municipalities need to play in the future buildout of fiber infrastructure, wireless infrastructure and so on. At my firm, our analysts decided to take a step back and identify any thought leaders who may well have identified accurately the key […]

Cablevision rolls out Wi-Fi network on the East Coast

Cablevision is spending over $300 million to deploy a wireless broadband network over the next two years to provide Wi-Fi service to its customers on the East Coast. The network will cost $100 per subscriber. Cablevision has been delivering broadband service to the Bronx, Long Island, Westchester county (NY), New Jersey and Connecticut and it […]

Skypilot Networks gets additional $3.4 million funding for muni wireless

Skypilot has raised an additional $3.4 million from its current investors, Mobius Ventures and August Capital. The company has raised over $70 million since its inception. Paul Gordon, CEO of Skypilot, says that the company needs this additional round of financing to be profitable.

Free Wi-Fi in British Airways lounges starting April 1

British Airways will provide free Wi-Fi access in all of its UK airport lounges starting April 1, thanks to a three-year deal with BT Openzone. This includes the newly opened Terminal 5 at Heathrow. BA becomes the first UK airline to offer free Wi-Fi in its lounges. A lot of people have complained in the […]