Updated: August 2007 list of US cities and counties with WiFi

Muniwireless has updated the list of US cities and counties with municipal wireless networks, as well as those in the deployment stage. As of 1 August 2007, there were over 400 US cities and counties with networks up and running, and being deployed. On 1 August 2007 I updated the list of US cities and […]

Gahanna and New Albany, Ohio issue joint RFP for wireless broadband network

Gahanna and New Albany, Ohio have released a joint RFP seeking a vendor to deploy a wireless broadband network that will cover both municipalities. The network will be used for public Internet access and municipal applications. Moreover, backhaul for the Wi-Fi network is a fiber optic network that the municipalities are deploying. Gahanna and New […]

Rural communities are tackling muni projects in creative ways

Smaller cities and rural communities face special challenges when it comes to muni deployments. And yet, some of the more innovative business models discussed at the MuniWireless Conference in Massachusetts this week grew from the creativity of those communities to deploy networks in areas that incumbents and service providers normally shy away from. Some of […]

Community volunteer spearheads effort in Idaho

Ketchum, Idaho, could have a downtown muni wireless network by mid-July. The network is largely due to the efforts of volunteer, Heidi Dhose, who is working on a proposal for the city. Under the plan, service providers would contribute about 80 percent of the $100,000 needed to build the infrastructure. The city would be responsible […]

Hartford, Connecticut launches wireless broadband pilot program

Hartford has launched a $1 million pilot program for wireless broadband service over the downtown area and Blue Hills, according to the Hartford Courant. The city will also be selling inexpensive computers to residents as part of the program (note: they estimate that on 25 percent of Hartford households have computers).Hartford has launched a $1 […]