New York City to deploy massive wireless broadband network

New York City has plans to build a massive public safety wireless broadband network that is believed to cost between $500 million to $1 billion (source: Glenn Fleishman). The city wants to provide its public safety employees (e.g. police and fire personnel) with the ability to send and receive data at up to 2 Mbps […]

Hotspot Hamburg: Germany’s biggest non-commercial WLAN project

What could be more appealing to Wi-Fi freaks in Hamburg than free wireless Internet access on the banks of the lovely Alster or in a variety of cafes and restaurants including the Alster Pavilion Alex and the Sushi Factory Bar? What could be more appealing to Wi-Fi freaks in Hamburg than free wireless Internet access […]

Free city hotzones still have a future?

Does the future belong to free city hotspots or will the commercial hotspot network operators take over? There seem to be different opinions. An article published in January 2003 says that commercial wISPs face stiff competition from cities and community activists setting up free wireless hotspots in city centers and other common areas. It cites […]

Chicago CivicNet in final bidding phase

The Chicago Tribune reported last April that Chicago’s ambitious CivicNet project is in the final bidding phase for a giant network to provide data and voice services to the city’s agencies and facilities such as libraries, fire and police stations. Finalists are SBC Comunications, AT&T and the US subsidiary of Alcatel. The article points out […]

UK towns do fixed wireless access

The BBC reported recently that small communities in the UK are exploring fixed wireless access technology to bring broadband to areas abandoned by telecoms and cable operators. The article cites the medieval town of Cromarty in Scotland which got a grant from the Highland and Islands Enterprise to install broadband via a fixed wireless access […]