Users will pay more to experience AT&T’s 3G ‘upgrade’

There’s some creative license being taken by AT&T in its announcement of upgrades to its 3G cellular network today. While the lead paragraph in the company’s announcement claims its implementation of High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology “will provide a considerable speed boost” to its existing network, buried down farther in the release is the […]

Samsung selling WiMAX MID, the Mondi, for $449

When we told you this morning that the Samsung Mondi MID was going to be available soon, we didn’t know that soon means now! After chatting with Samsung’s Kim Titus, he told us the device is available now in an unlocked format directly from Samsung for $449 ($454.94 with shipping). And on Aug. 1, Titus […]

Clearwire recap: Services, devices and a new CEO

Before Clearwire Corp.’s (NASDAQ: CLWR) first quarterly conference call as a fully merged entity on March 5, we asked some questions about what the company might reveal. So how did Clearwire do in answering them? Let’s go to the scorecard! We asked: Where else will Clearwire launch services, and when? Clearwire answered: Lots of places, […]

Does Android delay mean more lag for WiMax?

Maybe I should have added a “fourth problem” to my previous post on GigaOM about the challenges facing Google’s Android open-source mobile OS: The inherent slowness of anything that touches the mobile carrier marketplace, a theory Om spells out in no uncertain terms with his post today about new delays for the launch of Android-based […]

T-Mobile gets into summer holiday spirit with lower data roaming charges

Last week I complained about T-Mobile’s not-so-unlimited, “flat-rate” data plans for iPhone users in Europe: the nasty roaming charges, the unnecessary extra fees for using T-Mobile’s own networks in other countries. Today, T-Mobile UK announced that it would be slashing European data roaming charges by 80 percent starting in August 2008, just in time for […]