What makes the perfect mini laptop?

You can set up a citywide Wi-Fi network or nationwide WiMAX network, but if people don’t have portable devices that they love to use, they won’t care how fast or ubiquitous the network is. Today, Om Malik wrote a blog post on what he wants to see in an ultra-portable laptop. He has tried several […]

T-Mobile’s 3G iPhone unlimited flat rate data plans are a sham

Always read the fine print, especially when it comes to mobile operators bragging about their latest 3G iPhone data plans. T-Mobile Germany says on its website: Freier Internetzugang mit unbegrenzter Datenflatrate (free Internet access with unlimited data flat rate). T-Mobile Germany is offering four types of “flat rate” monthly data plans: S for 29 EUR, […]

Skype on Heathrow Express Wi-Fi sounds pretty good

Today I had a conversation with Andy Abramson via Skype. He was traveling on the Heathrow Express (the train that ferries people between Heathrow Airport and London’s Paddington Station), but what made the call very special was that he was using the train’s Wi-Fi service, accessing the network via his new Asus eee PC900, a […]

FON’s global wireless ambitions: what’s taking so long?

I am a Fonero. I have a FON access point in my house in Amsterdam because I like to share my wireless connection. I have been a Fonero for several years, but when I travel, I don’t see a lot of Foneros around and that’s sad because the idea behind FON is that if I […]

Apple abandons iPhone exclusivity in Europe

Italy will be the first country to see the iPhone offered by not one, but two mobile phone operators: Vodafone and Telecom Italia. Apple signed a deal with Vodafone to sell the iPhone in India, New Zealand, Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Portugal, South Africa and Turkey. Why has Apple abandoned its policy […]