Xirrus releases Deep Packet Inspection tool at the network edge

Xirrus has launched Xirrus Application Control, which uses Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology at the network edge to restrict usage of bandwidth-heavy applications, block certain applications, and detect threats to the network. According to the company, the new product gives network administrators full control over the network especially in an environment where people bring their own […]

Ruckus Wireless targets high density Wi-Fi deployments

Complaining about terrible Wi-Fi service in conferences and finding solutions to improve it are favorite topics here on MuniWireless. That’s why we are happy to report that Ruckus Wireless has released new products to target Wi-Fi hotspots in convention centers, hotel conference areas, sports arenas, train stations and city centers. As for relying on your […]

2012-2013 WLAN Buyer’s Guide

It’s time to get the 2012-2013 WLAN Buyer’s Guide, the definitive guide for evaluating enterprise WLAN networks. The evaluation of a Wi-Fi network requires that enterprises carefully consider the changes happening in the user population. Factors in the Wi-Fi world today such as consumerization of IT and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) are driving the enterprise to deploy […]

Edgewater Wireless Introduces Next Generation WiFi3 Technology

Edgewater Wireless Systems has released WiFi3 – its advanced WiFi infrastructure technology. WiFi3 technology provides three independent channels on a single wireless access point radio, delivering over 50X performance improvement when compared to single-channel access point products which are the common standard in the WiFi Access Point Infrastructure market. WiFi3 technology was developed to deliver huge benefits to smart […]

Case Study: Improving Wi-Fi QoS and Performance in Rural Environments

This is a case study on how to improve Wi-Fi quality of service (QoS) and performance in rural environments. Problem: poor quality of service in a rural community Without a doubt, one of the major issues service providers will continue to face in provisioning WiFi networks is Quality of Service (QoS). In addition to poor […]