Tales from the Towers Chapter 5: Reality, What a Concept

In the last article, access points were installed, WDS links set up for hopping, and we were ready to access the Internet.  Although TriadLand is ready to rock, we now need to connect the users.  First we need to connect the network to some type of Internet service and then come up with a way […]

Measuring the economic benefits of broadband: a few studies

I receive emails from time to time asking if I know of studies that show the economic benefits of broadband. I know I’ve read some of them but I can never remember any one in particular. Today I came across a site that lists a few studies done in Europe, Asia and the US. For […]

Luxembourg: model of a successful muni Wi-Fi network

Earlier this year, Paul Helminger,  mayor of the city of Luxembourg launched a partnership with Esch-sur-Alzette, the second largest municipality in the country, to share the HotCity platform created by the city of Luxembourg. Considered to be the most successful municipal Wi-Fi network in Europe, HotCity is now sharing its expertise with other cities. It […]

National broadband strategy should focus on users’ needs

“Broadband projects will be part of the $1 trillion stimulus plan. That has set off a debate among lobbyists, tech companies, and congressional leaders.” This excerpt from a BusinessWeek column today sums up perfectly the potential fatal flaw in the race to create a broadband-related economic stimulus plan. A cardinal rule for deploying technology applications […]

Evolution of Municipal Wireless Networks

Evolution of Municipal Wireless Networks From Cisco White Paper: Published 2006 Summary: Wireless broadband initiatives for cities are receiving significant attention today. However, while some major cities have already announced citywide wireless networks, the market for municipal wireless broadband is still in the early stages. Most of these large networks will almost certainly experience numerous […]