Tales from the towers, Chapter 1: ISP’s experience building large Wi-Fi networks

Several people have asked me how to build lower cost municipal Wi-Fi systems that cover anything from a very small area to hundreds of miles. To be honest, we haven’t yet deployed a muni Wi-Fi network that covers hundreds of miles, but in the course of my work as a wireless ISP over the past […]

A Primer on Network Security For Municipal and Public Utility Networks

Network security used to be something that network administrators worried about and annoyed end-users.  Originally, a simple anti-virus program was all you needed.  With Internet, this escalated to firewalls, to anti-phishing and spam filters, and finally into Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention systems.  Hardware, software, and operating system manufacturers are integrating security and encryption from the desktops […]

San Fernando (LA County) issues RFP for wireless mesh network

The city of San Fernando (Los Angeles County) has issued an RFP for the design and installation of a wireless data network using mesh technology in the licensed 4.9 GHz public safety spectrum. Note that network has to support future use of 2.4 GHz for automated meter reading and municipal Wi-Fi access. You can request […]

The FCC lets you find out just how lousy your broadband connection is

Broadband speed tests are nothing new to many readers of this site. Most of us probably use Speedtest.net. But the fact that the FCC has posted a broadband test tool profiled prominently on the Broadband.gov website, shows how politically sensitive broadband — its presence and absence, its cost and speed — has become. It’s getting to […]

Round 1 broadband stimulus grant rejected? Contact us for Round 2 application

If your BTOP or BIP broadband stimulus grant application was rejected in Round 1, contact us now for help in getting your Round 2 application done. I’ve been getting a number of calls and emails from people who are in a panic, and I have helped them get up to speed with their Round 2 […]