Cutting through the static: Asking the right questions when you’re thinking about going wireless

From Belair Networks White Paper: Published: MAR 2006 Summary: Over 200 cities and towns throughout the world have already rolled out wireless (Wi-Fi) networks to help expand public broadband Internet access, improve the quality and efficiency of public services, and enhance public safety. This paper reveals some of the key elements necessary for successful implementation […]

Wireless Mesh Networks with Seamless Mobility

From Belair Networks Case Study: Published: FEB 2006 Summary: This Application Note highlights how network operators, including cable operators and multiple service operators (MSOs), can quickly enable carrier-grade seamless mobility across multiple networks using wireless mesh products from BelAir Networks. Go to Report.

Wireless Community Applications

From Intel Case Study: Published: 2005 Summary: Intel, working with other industry leaders worldwide, is helping communities deploy advanced digital technologies to transform the way their citizens live, work and play. Go to Report.

Case Study: Moorhead, MN

From Tropos Networks Case Study: Published: NOV 2005 Summary: For a decade, Moorhead, Minnesota has been aggressive about offering its 32,000 citizens advanced telecommunications and information services. A substantial fi ber optic network rings the community. A 2002 survey showed that 68 percent of residents had Internet access. In 2005, the city took the next […]

Case Study: Granbury, TX

From Tropos Networks Case Study: Published: NOV 2005 Summary: Behind its 19th century façade, Granbury is a growing, dynamic 21st century community. Go to Report.