European Commission endorses French access rules on fiber in-building wiring

The European Commission has endorsed the rules to be imposed by French regulator, ARCEP, on operators rolling out fiber lines into homes, regardless of whether the operator has significant market power. ARCEP wants to force all in-building operators to provide access to their fiber networks to alternative operators in order to give people a choice […]

Students twice as likely to have 802.11n devices as everyone else

A survey conducted by Meraki, a vendor of wireless mesh networking equipment, shows a dramatic increase in the use of 802.11n on campuses. Meraki’s Higher Education Wireless Census collected data from 10,000 randomly selected devices in 24 higher education institutions, and compared them against activity seen by 10,000 randomly selected devices in general use networks. […]

JBB Research expects mobile web revenue to reach $23.6 billion by 2013

2010 is the year of mobile app stores, unlimited data plans, 4G network technologies (WiMAX, LTE) and smartphones with full browsing technologies, providing a perfect storm of adoption, carrier revenue realization. Market research and consulting company JBB Research which specializes in the mobile and telecommunications industry, today published its latest report, “The U.S. Mobile Web […]

Alphimax provides free tool for analyzing wireless point to point links, finding vendors

Here’s a very useful, free online tool for WiMAX service providers (and anyone installing point to point links) from Alphimax. The online tool called PtP Estimator allows you to determine quickly whether a point-to-point link will work between two locations that you specify. No need to climb towers, go through time-consuming discussions with vendors, only […]

Report Excerpt: Market launches keep Clearwire on target

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from our latest quarterly report on all things Clearwire, the CLEARWIRE NTK OCTOBER 2009 (need to know) report, available now for the low low price of $4.95. In this excerpt we talk about how Clearwire’s on-time, on-target market launches in Atlanta and Las Vegas, as well as a […]