Burbank Smart Grid upgrade includes citywide WiFi

Almost three years ago in 2007, we posted several articles about the Burbank Water & Power utility’s use of Wi-Fi in upgrading its AMR/AMI system. Here are the old articles: Blogging from the 2007 MW conference: Burbank utility’s innovative muni Wi-Fi network Burbank, CA, turns to Wi-Fi for electrical monitoring It appears that BWP has […]

Will security issues stifle smart grid investment?

With billions of dollars of public and private smart grid investment in place and billions more in forecasted network hardware and software shipments, will enthusiasm for the smart grid be dampened by security concerns? Current smart meter deployment trends and reported security breaches point towards that possibility. A recent Pike Research report entitled “Smart Grid: 10 Trends to […]

GE Ecomagination winners announced: funding for smart grid applications

This week, GE and its partners announced the 12 start-ups, emerging businesses and university ideas selected for investment as well as the five winners of their open innovation challenge. As you recall, GE and several VC firms announced last July the creation of a $200 million fund for smart grid technology. Here are details on […]

Smart Grid security alert: malicious worm attacking industrial sites

A highly sophisticated software program is wreaking havoc on large industrial sites in Iran, Indonesia and other countries, targeting power plants, nuclear installations, pipelines and others. According to computer security experts, the Stuxnet worm propagates itself via Windows security holes (what a surprise). It looks for certain software programs made by Siemens, whose hardware and […]

GridNet: a look under the Smart Grid hood

This is an interview conducted by Larry Karisny with Ray Bell, Founder and CEO of GridNet. Search for the phrase “Smart Grid” on Google and you will get more organizations and explanations defining what it is than you may even want to know. From government policies to standards groups to organizations to new publications, everyone […]