Municipal corporation in India needs WiMAX AMR system

A municipal corporation in Surat, Gujarat, India is looking for a WiMAX system for automated meter reading (AMR) of water meters. There are about 9000 water meters of different sizes installed at present. In 2013-20414 they want to install 20,000 more meters. The city area is 335 square kilometres and they would like turnkey solution […]

Telrad buys Alvarion’s WiMAX business for $6.1M

How quickly the goddess Fortuna changes her mind! One day, WiMAX is “WiFi on steroids”, a technology that will bury Wi-Fi and cellular technologies, the next day, it’s a “niche technology”, a polite phrase used by people in the tech industry to mean it’s got no future. For those who continue to insist it’s got […]

Looks like WiMAX is really dead in France

Two years ago, we posted a series of articles on MuniWireless exposing the alarming delay in WiMAX deployments in France. At that time, the French telecoms regulator, ARCEP, revealed that “out of the 3562 locations that should have been covered with WiMAX service by 30 June 2008, only 657 were connected as of 31 December […]

Indian WiMAX operator wants to give back WiMAX licenses

State-owned operator, BSNL, wants to give back its WiMAX licenses to the government because it prefers to deploy LTE networks. It’s unlikely that BSNL will get its money back from the government; however, if it does get out of its obligation to deploy WiMAX, it can avoid having to spend large amounts of money in […]

Clearwire pre-announces Q3 numbers

For what we think is the first time ever as a publicly traded entity, Clearwire has pre-announced its quarterly numbers for the last fiscal period, with one metric rising above the rest: The company announced 1.9 million new wholesale subscribers, which you can roughly translate into meaning that Sprint has probably sold about that many 4G phones […]