Rural Utilities Service releases broadband stimulus awards report for Round 1

The RUS has released a report summarizing Round 1 of the broadband stimulus awards given under the Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP). The report shows the amount of money given for last mile and middle mile projects, the type of technologies that received funding, and descriptions of the projects in each state. Below are excerpts from […]

Yota dumps WiMAX in favor of LTE

Russian WiMAX operator, Yota, has decided to go with LTE instead of WiMAX in rolling out their network. They will spend an estimated $100 million building the LTE network in five Russian cities (read more here). Those of you who loved the design of the Yota Egg (see below), the portable WiMAX-to-WiFi converter, will probably […]

Muniwireless launches forum

We are launching the MuniWireless Forum to allow people to post questions and comments about large scale Wi-Fi and WiMAX networks, applications, business models, funding and more. If you have a question about how to set up a Wi-Fi network in your community and want feedback from people who have done it, please join the […]

Kansas Broadband Internet chooses PureWave Networks for rural broadband deployments

Kansas Broadband Internet (KBI) has selected PureWave Networks as the company’s exclusive provider of WiMAX equipment. KBI offers point-to-point and wireless internet service to the rural residential and SMB market in Kansas using the 2.5GHz and 3.65GHz spectrum. “As we migrate our wireless network from proprietary equipment to more advanced and capable mobile WiMAX technology, […]

Sprint Reveals EVO 4G Pricing: $199 Phone, $10 extra for WiMAX, $30 for Pocketspot Capability

When we heard about plans for a big Sprint HTC EVO 4G shindig in New York tonight, we sort of figured we’d hear some more details about the first WiMAX smartphone for the U.S. market. Turns out it will be available June 4. So what will you pay for a handheld device that can surf at either […]