Is WiFi a threat to mobile operators?

As more people buy iPhones and iPads, and become disenchanted with the decreasing quality of mobile networks (especially with speed) and the increasing cost of data plans (no more “unlimited” plans), more people are using WiFi networks in cafes, hotels, restaurants and other establishments. Paul Rasmussen of FierceWireless Europe asks: The threat to mobile operators […]

Don’t waste your money: 4G with data caps is worthless

Public Knowledge has published a white paper written by Michael Weinberg entitled 4G + Data Caps = Magic Beans (PDF format) which asserts that 4G data subscriptions from US carriers (except Sprint) are a complete waste of money: “Simply put, data caps make the advantages of 4G irrelevant. The caps prevent anyone from making habitual […]

AT&T rolls out 4G HSPA+ to 19 more locations including NYC and LA

The news that AT&T was finally getting serious about launching its late-to-the-game LTE service got us thinking about AT&T’s HSPA+ rollout map, the hunt-and-see game where you try to find active HSPA+ markets by rolling your cursor over a map (instead, of say, reading a list off a press release). If you remember in our first discovery the map […]

AT&T’s LTE: Fooling Some of the People, Some of the Time

According to an official press release AT&T says it will launch LTE services in five U.S. cities this summer, followed by another 10 before year’s end. Though there are no details yet on prices, plans or devices a recent charm offensive by Ma Bell seems to have convinced many in media-land that the introduction of Long Term […]

Monday 4G News: AT&T Bashed, Capped and Tested

Just a quick roundup of some stories bound to be of interest to Sidecut readers. First up is a fairly well thought out bashing of AT&T’s so-called 4G rollout, from Sascha Segan at PC Mag. (Gotta love the lede: “AT&T is lying about 4G. Shamelessly.”) While we wondered why AT&T was practically silent about its […]