The great spectrum hunt: why it’s harder than you think

Just some quick thoughts on a bunch of wireless spectrum talk that surfaced today at CES; while I will try to formulate some longer thought pieces on this subject I know that if I let it sit over the weekend it might never get done. So before Virgin whisks me back home some thoughts, reactions […]

Clearwire launches San Francisco network but Silicon Valley has coverage gaps

While the date is officially “tomorrow,” the press release for the Clearwire 4G WiMAX network launch in the San Francisco Bay Area is live late Monday night along with some very detailed coverage mapping that shows more than a few gaps in coverage both in and around San Francisco, as well as down the Peninsula and in […]

Video Fun: 4G coming soon to San Francisco

With the Clearwire/Sprint 4G WiMAX launch happening in San Francisco sometime this week(my guess is that we may see press releases crossing the wires sometime Monday night) the Sprint folks asked me for some commentary on 4G devices, how people use them, and how the Sprint/Clearwire service plans stack up against other offerings. Watch the video for […]

WiMAX “toasts” WiFi in San Francisco speed test

Even though WiMAX services aren’t officially available in San Francisco just yet, it’s no secret that the Clearwire/Sprint 4G network is alive and operating in many spots — including right near the Caltrain station at 4th and King, where our favorite “office away from the office” Panera Bread outlet is located. Panera, like other fine […]

Clearwire to raise $1.1 billion in debt offering

Nascent national WiMAX wireless provider Clearwire announced plans to raise $1.1 billion via a “debt offering” that will be used for “general corporate purposes, including capital expenditures.” Sidecut unofficial translation: “We’re borrowing some money to keep the lights on and finish building the towers we’ve already started.” Sidecut readers know we can explain technical network […]