Comcast Wi-Fi hotzones go live

Comcast is now offering free Wi-Fi service in several New Jersey train stations to people who already subscribe to its cable service. If you are not a subscriber, too bad for you. Comcast has plans to work with Cablevision, which already has several Wi-Fi hotzones, to expand Comcast’s reach. Related news: Cablevision doubles size of […]

Clearwire’s 100-day agenda: Devices, VoIP and roaming

Just like a hungry uncle devouring Thanksgiving leftovers, the new Clearwire wasted no time tying up the loose ends of its WiMax assets merger deal with Sprint Nextel, finishing the deal Friday while everyone else in the country was busy digesting the previous night’s feasts. With a conference call scheduled for early Monday morning, some […]

Taking a deeper look at the Clearwire deal — again

With the shareholder approval finally taken care of, the massive deal to build a new nationwide WiMax network under the Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR) name can (finally!) now begin in earnest. While those of us who have been following the events over the past year know pretty much what is on Clearwire’s immediate to-do list, for […]

Comcast discloses, then hits the comments trail

Hitting the deadline with the precision that only a journalist could love, Comcast filed its paperwork with the FCC at about the latest hour imaginable Friday, disclosing both its previous/current “network management” techniques as well as its “protocol agnostic” techniques it would use going forward, all of this made necessary by the FCC’s punitive order […]

Lawsuits of the week: Comcast appeals FCC ruling, telco sues town for installing fiber

You didn’t really think Comcast would roll over and obey the FCC’s ruling forbidding them from blocking P2P applications, did you? Comcast rallied its legal troops and filed an appeal, which landed in the D.C. Circuit (whose reputation is pro-industry, anti-regulation). The Media Access Project has filed a petition asking the federal court to get […]