Google and cable companies get into WiMAX: what’s in it for them?

Paul Kapustka, wireless industry analyst and publisher of Sidecut Reports (also former VP of online content at Pulvermedia), thinks that the cable companies’ investment in Clearwire is a very smart move. In his most recent analyst report, Xohm Or Go Home: Why 2008 Is WiMax’s Breakout Year in the U.S. — Or Else!, he says: […]

Tiny Pennsylvania muni network may go private

Residents in many small cities, too tiny to attract major providers, have enjoyed cable TV service provided for years by their local municipalities. Over time, many of these munis have added Internet access. But now, some long-time muni cable providers are looking to private partners to help them with upgrades.Residents in many small cities, too […]

Maryland incumbents defeat broadband information bill

Art Brodsky sounds off on Verizon and Comcast lobbyists’ successful defeat of a Maryland bill that would have offered consumers access to information and boosted broadband competition in the state.Art Brodsky of Public Knowledge, a public interest group that advocates an open Internet, recently tackled the subject of incumbent interference in a Maryland bill to […]