Gowex free WiFi in Paris metro stations irritates users

The latest free-WiFi-in-a-metro-station offering, this time from Madrid-based Gowex, a company that deploys Wi-Fi hotzones, seems wonderful until you actually start using it. This article in a French online publication says that the free WiFi service is disappointing for the following reasons: (1) Sign up takes too long and requires you to send too much […]

GOWEX’s intriguing multi-city Wireless Roaming Platform

GOWEX is a publicly traded Spanish company based in Madrid with two lines of business: (1) GOWEX Telecom Services provides communications services such as VPNs, high-speed enterprise grade broadband, point-to-point circuits, VoIP, to businesses; and (2) GOWEX Wireless creates large Wi-Fi hotzones that integrate the Wi-Fi networks of local associations, private and public entities, and […]

Free Wi-Fi on Madrid buses

Madrileños now have access to free Wi-Fi service on municipal buses, thanks to a partnership between the Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT) of the city of Madrid and GOWEX, a Spanish company. You can find more information on www.buswifi.com. I have just returned from a trip to Barcelona where I met with a couple of […]

Iber-X launches GOWEX neutral roaming exchange platform

IBER-X, a Madrid-based company, has launched a neutral roaming platform called GOWEX. IBER-X claims to be the first telecom capacity exchange in Spain and Latin America. Its purpose is to be the roaming exchange platform for different operators and initiatives that are emerging from wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi or WiMAX, and their integration with […]