Lincoln, Nebraska free Wi-Fi: muni Wi-Fi with a municipal fiber backhaul

The first phase of the Lincoln, Nebraska free Wi-Fi network was launched last week in Iron Horse Park at the center of the Railyard district. The city plans to expand the free Wi-Fi service to cover the Haymarket and Railyard areas, which have become popular among locals because of a large number of entertainment venues, […]

Large Wi-Fi hotzone deployed in Warsaw Royal Gardens

If you are visiting Warsaw this summer and find yourself wandering around the Warsaw Royal Gardens, you can access the large Wi-Fi network recently installed by Orange Poland over the park’s 760,000 square meters. The network uses Ruckus Wireless access points with Hotspot 2.0 technology, which is designed to simplify the login process and allows […]

Free Wi-Fi comes to San Francisco’s Market Street

San Francisco finally has free Wi-Fi service along its main artery (Market Street) starting at the intersection with Castro Street and ending at the Ferry Building in Embarcadero. Ruckus Wireless donated the wireless access points and wireless engineering work, which it accomplished together with several other people including Tim Pozar (a contributor to MuniWireless). The […]

Guest post: Cashing in on Hotspot 2.0

Nothing is hotter right now in the networked world than Hotspot 2.0. While most of the attention on Hotspot 2.0 has centered on the technology and how it works, the real compelling “feature”, one that has received almost no attention, is the ability for the technology to generate money. What’s Hotspot 2.0 all about? Hotspot_2.0 is […]

O2 deploys large scale Wi-Fi network in London’s Canary Wharf

O2 (Telefonica UK) is deploying a high-capacity indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi network in the busy London Canary Wharf, one of the city’s premier business and shopping districts. They are using Ruckus Wireless Smart Wi-Fi products. The agreement between Canary Wharf Group, the owners and developers of Canary Wharf, and Telefonica O2 UK will see the […]