Video Fun: 4G coming soon to San Francisco

With the Clearwire/Sprint 4G WiMAX launch happening in San Francisco sometime this week(my guess is that we may see press releases crossing the wires sometime Monday night) the Sprint folks asked me for some commentary on 4G devices, how people use them, and how the Sprint/Clearwire service plans stack up against other offerings. Watch the video for […]

Los Angeles gets WiMAX from Clearwire and Sprint; SF launch on Dec. 28

Just in time for the Monday-after-Thanksgiving shopping spree, Clearwire and Sprint are officially launching their WiMAX wireless broadband services in the Los Angeles area on Monday, Nov. 29, a couple days earlier than previously promised. The companies are also making services available in several other major markets, including Miami and Cleveland, while also confirming that WiMAX services […]

Trade war looming? Huawei, ZTE banned from Sprint 4G bid

Security is the official reason Sprint will not consider the bids made by ZTE and Huawei, two Chinese telecoms equipment companies, for Sprint’s $7 billion upgrade of its network to 4G, even though these two firms submitted the lowest bids (don’t they always?). US Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke, objected to the participation of Huawei […]

WiMAX rocks at Sprint developer conference in Santa Clara

Just got down-valley to check out the afternoon programs at the Sprint Developers Conference but of course I had to first see how the 4G network buildout was going… apparently the towers have landed here in Santa Clara, as evidenced by the reading I just clocked in the Hyatt Great America lobby: Should be interesting […]

Sprint: second WiMAX phone available August 31

Pricing and availability details for the second WiMAX phone under the Sprint 4G banner were announced late Wednesday, when the company said that the previously announced Samsung Epic 4G would be available Aug. 31, for $249 after rebates. Service pricing plans for the Epic 4G are the same as those for the first WiMAX phone, the HTC EVO […]