Tales from the Towers, Chapter 38: Pick a Tool, Any Tool – what every wireless ISP should know

Wireless ISPs (WISPS) have more tools available today to improve the performance of wireless networks. There is an optimized product for every single model that is currently deployed, and there are a lot of different models. From grounded RJ-45 connectors to antennas and every component in between, it’s impossible to keep up with everything.  Ask […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 37: Talk is cheap but Ebay is cheaper

Anybody starting a business knows that funding is the biggest problem.  Angel investment and venture capital for first round funding are about as scarce as shade in Phoenix.  That is of course, unless your Uncle RUSs or Aunt CAFee open up the government (meaning poor taxpayers) purse strings (lookup OpenRange, Main Street Broadband) to people […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 35: Ubiquiti versus Canopy/Cambium for WISPs

Before you start reading this article, let me warn you first that it is longest one I’ve written and the only one in which the manufacturers I talk about see the text before publication. I have my opinions and perceptions as many of you do.  However, I also wanted this article to be factually accurate […]

Tales from the Towers, Chapter 33: What’s your vector, Victor?

I participate in various forums that cover the wireless industry. One of the things I enjoy hearing about is that unlicensed frequencies can’t work in certain applications for various reasons. Too much interference, too expensive, and if it’s possible why anyone else hasn’t done it, are common objections and just get my hackles up. The […]

Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood deploys large outdoor free Wi-Fi network

After a year of installation and testing, Old Brooklyn Connected, is up and running. It is an outdoor Wi-Fi network that delivers Wi-Fi service to Ward 13, a neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. One of the goals of this community development is to bridge the digital divide. Just as importantly, users of smartphones and tablets can now […]