LTE data roaming not happening anytime soon

One thing to think about as you consider that shiny new 4G phone purchase — if you are looking at the snazzy new LTE devices from Verizon Wireless or the upcoming ones being promised for later this year from AT&T, get used to the fact that your data service won’t “roam” when you are outside […]

Verizon Adds Seven Cities to ‘Live’ LTE Market List

Charlotte, N.C., along with six other smaller cities, are the latest locales to receive Verizon’s high-speed 4G LTE wireless network service, according to a Verizon announcement. The new markets join the 38 cities that had LTE when Verizon launched commercial services back in December, along with approximately 60 major airport sites. While Verizon already has most of […]

Verizon hits half-million mark for LTE subscribers

Will Verizon Wireless be the U.S. 4G market leader before the end of the year? It certainly looks that way if Big Red can keep up the pace from its just-announced first fiscal quarter, which saw Verizon add 500,000 subscribers for its Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G network. According to Verizon that number includes 260,000 […]

CTIA updates: Verizon on 4G LTE cruise control

Whether by luck or by design, the decision by Verizon Wireless to basically do nothing public at last week’s CTIA show worked out perfectly, leaving the nation’s top wireless carrier (for now) looking unruffled, unworried and pretty much unconcerned about the pending acquistion of T-Mobile by Verizon’s biggest competitor, AT&T. It is somewhat understandable that […]

Samsung Hotspot for Verizon LTE Launches: $100 for Device, $50 per month for 5 GB, $80 for 10 GB

Samsung’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot for the Verizon LTE network is now available from the Verizon Wireless website, for $100 after rebates and a 2-year contract; however those wishing for an unlimited plan are out of luck, since the mobile hotspot will use the same data plans as the already launched LTE USB modems — $50 for 5 […]