LTE News Wrap: MetroPCS Ships LTE Smartphone, Verizon Talks VoLTE

We are in the middle of working on one of our famed in-depth Sidecut Reports so pardon the lack of posts… for your reading pleasure some links to mobile headlines in the news and our instant analysis of same, starting with MetroPCS making good on its pledge to ship the “first” LTE smartphone in the U.S. […]

Verizon throttling statement: there are no real unlimited plans

We’re still trying to find a live link to the statement that the Boy Genius Report first reported, namely a statement from Verizon Wireless that basically says if you use “too much” data under one of their so-called “unlimited” data plans, Verizon reserves the right to “reduce your data throughput speeds.” While we actually think this is […]

Will Verizon iPhone pass the SXSW test?

Some quick thoughts and analysis on what may or may not be the final pricing plans for Verizon’s upcoming iPhone and its embedded Wi-Fi hotspot capability — and why we think the upcoming South by Southwest geekfest will be a big real-world test for Verizon’s network capabilities: Unlimited? Get it While You Can! Despite a […]

Verizon: 65,000 LTE subscribers in 1 month

Before we get into the whole will-there-or-won’t-there be an unlimited data plan for the Verizon iPhone (we think if there will be one it won’t be around for long) it’s worthwhile to break out a couple numbers about Verizon’s Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G network launch from its earnings reports today: the numbers are 65,000 and $1.3 […]

Verizon offers $30 unlimited data plan only for iPhone, for now

Surprise or maybe not. Verizon will be offering a $30 unlimited data plan but only for iPhone customers, according to the WSJ. The goal is to take customers away from AT&T. Once Verizon experiences the same problems that plague AT&T’s network (high data use, dropped calls, very slow connections), they will follow AT&T in canceling […]