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Tropos Networks

Tropos Networks is the worldwide market leader in wireless broadband IP networks used to build greener, safer, smarter communities.  Our solutions are used as a regional communication network foundation for deploying one or many high-value applications that cost effectively increase mobile worker and operational efficiencies while reducing operating costs.  Tropos delivers the highest levels of reliability, scalability and security in the industry and has an installed base of more that 750 customers in over 30 countries.

Smart Cities

“Smart Cities” utilize Tropos to create citywide wireless broadband communication networks for operating a wide range of services that benefit communities from municipal applications to public broadband access.


  • Smart Grid: Modernization of the electric grid provides long-term value with end-to-end management, control and monitoring of power from creation to the point at which it’s used, providing improved operational efficiencies and reduced carbon output.
  • Municipal Utilities: Centralized utility meter monitoring and management improves resource conservation, reduces operating costs, enables faster and more accurate pinpointing of problems, and results in better overall customer service.
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS): Improving traffic flow, reducing vehicle emissions, and synchronizing the timing of traffic signals to expedite the way for public transit and emergency vehicles are just a few of the applications and benefits of an ITS system.  Video applications can be added to the network for traffic observation as well as public safety applications such as red light runner monitoring.


  • Public Safety: Providing mobile pubic safety workers – police, fire, emergency — with high-speed access to critical information increases officer and community safety and can help save lives.  Filing of reports from the field enables patrol officers to spend more time in the community rather than at the precinct.
  • Video Surveillance: Enables centralized monitoring of areas (high crime, public schools, municipal buildings, etc.) without increasing workforce; video can also be used provide solid evidence in court cases.


  • Mobile Workforce: Provides access to the same office applications from the field – the ability to complete and file reports and download information significantly improves their effectiveness in serving the community. With more than 50% of city workers mobile, this can translate to significant cost savings and improvement in city services.
  • Public Access: Can be used for economic development to help drive people to a business district; or to extend Internet access within under privileged communities, encouraging education and computer literacy.


Tropos Networks has overcome many challenges of deploying wireless broadband networks on a large scale, making wide-area broadband coverage possible. The innovative Tropos System Architecture, developed from the ground up to address the unique challenges in and outdoor network environment, delivers the scalability, reliability, performance and security that customers need.

The Tropos System Architecture is the market leading IP-based wide-area wireless broadband system architecture that can be cost-effectively used for one or many applications. The System Architecture is founded on open-standard IP networking and IEEE 802.11 radio communications. Built over these standards are robust mesh networking and physical-layer extensions to ensure the highest levels of radio performance in a wide range of outdoor environments.


Tropos provides a complete line of market leading outdoor wireless broadband mesh network solutions that provide customers with the reliability, performance, scalability, and security needed to build Smart Cities and Smart Grids.

Tropos’ wireless broadband mesh routers combine the industry’s most sophisticated mesh networking intelligence with purpose-built hardware. Each router includes one or more open-standards-based 802.11 a/b/g/n radios optimized for outdoor usage.  The router enclosures are ruggedized and weatherized to withstand extreme weather conditions.  Fixed and mobile nodes are available and can be mixed on a single network to create a mesh with dynamic coverage areas.

Tropos Mesh OS
The Tropos Mesh OS ships as an integral part of each Tropos router and was designed from the ground up to optimize throughput and reliability in a dynamic outdoor wireless environment.  The Tropos Mesh OS creates a self-organizing and self-healing wireless mesh network and intelligently selects the optimum path through the mesh.  It leverages the router’s on-board intelligence to monitor and maximize performance, minimizes network congestion and adapts in real-time basis to changes common in an outdoor network environment.

Network Management

Tropos’ network management solutions are designed to provide network administrators with the visibility, information, analysis, and reports for all aspects of management, monitoring and controlling a Tropos wireless broadband network.  .  It is Powerful control and analysis tools, allowing network administrators to perform a range of critical functions to configure, monitor and operate the network.  This includes over-the-air configuration and software updates of Tropos mesh routers; real-time end-to-end network performance monitoring and statistical capture; data mining, trend analysis and client connectivity monitoring.

Examples of Tropos Customers

  • Ponca City, OK – Applications: mobile city workers (public safety, public works); video surveillance; community Internet access
  • Anderson, IN – Applications: electric and water AMI; public safety
  • Wellington, FL – Applications: water AMR; SCADA; mobile workers (utility, code enforcement, public works); video surveillance
  • Oklahoma City, OK – Applications: public safety; mobile city workers; ITS
  • Amory, MS – Applications: community Internet access

To read more about Tropos customers and the ways in which communities are utilizing our networks, please visit our website.

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Tropos Networks
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