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Currently published on a quarterly basis, MuniWireless Magazine provides a single location for the critical information needed by anyone interested in this new arena, providing in-depth cover stories, unique case studies, penetrating analysis, and leading-edge research.

Each issue includes:

  • A cover story focused on the most critical issues in the industry
  • An in-depth analysis of one or more important muni wireless applications, such as public safety, municipal operations, or voice over WiFi
  • A penetrating case study, breaking down a public broadband initiative into its component parts
  • A review of the latest research conducted by and other sources
    Industry commentary and perspective
  • The guiding light for MuniWireless Magazine is Esme Vos, founder of For the past two years Vos, the acknowledged global visionary for the MuniWireless industry, has single-handedly helped to define the characteristics of this new market. In each issue of the magazine, she offers the latest perspective on the most important developments in the industry, highlighting key topics and recommending where the market needs to focus. Working with Vos is the launch team for MuniWireless Magazine, one of the most accomplished groups in the publishing industry, having created more than 15 successful technology and newsstand publications between them.

    Just Part of the Package

    MuniWireless Magazine is the perfect complement to the up-to-the-minute news and analysis provided on the Web site, as well as to MuniWireless’ market-leading research and events.

    Our Current Issue

    June 2007:
    Choosing the Best Business Model

    Our cover story examines business models being used thoughout the industry. Also in the issue are articles on Providence, Rhode Island’s mesh network, mobile WiMax and the need for a national broadband strategy.

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    Download Issue 005 – March 2006 (8mb)

    Cover Story: Here Come The Incumbents

    Download Issue 004 – December 2006 (8mb)

    Cover Story: Muni Wireless Public Advocates

    Download Issue 003 – September 2006 (9mb)

    Cover Story: The Broadband Agenda

    Download Issue 002 – June 2006 (14mb)

    Cover Story: Breakthrough Uses of Public Broadband

    Download Issue 001 – March 2006 (6mb)

    Cover Story: Safety, The Ultimate Wireless App?

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