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BelAir Networks is the leading provider of mobile broadband mesh networking solutions. Cities across the globe (including Minneapolis, Toronto, Canada and City of London, UK) rely on BelAir to deliver industry-leading broadband performance and scalability and carrier-class capacity and reliability. The company teams with world-class partners (including Siemens, Lucent and Fujitsu) to deploy proven, cost-effective wireless broadband mesh networks.

BelAir innovation has driven a number of industry firsts including:

  • First multi-service mesh combining Wi-Fi, WiMAX and Cellular
  • First and only wireless mesh network supporting metro scale multimedia mobility
  • First FCC-certified WiMAX mesh
  • First cable-optimized wireless mesh
  • First to deliver GSM traffic over wireless mesh


BelAir provides a full range of pre and post-sales support services both directly and through System Integrator partners and Resellers worldwide. Services include site surveys, network design, pilots and trials, installation and technical support. BelAir’s complete wireless mesh product line includes:

BelAir300 Converged Multi-service Wireless Node: The BelAir300 is the first and only solution able to support GSM Cellular, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and backhaul services in a compact, integrated package, and the only solution optimized to deliver carrier-grade voice services. By incorporating up to two 1800 or 1900 MHz IP-based GSM EDGE-enabled picocells within it’s industry-leading wireless mesh solution, BelAir has again taken a leadership position and delivered the most compact, flexible and cost effective solution for wireless carriers.

BelAir200 Wireless Multi-service Switch Router: The BelAir200 is a four radio, wireless multi-service switch router that can be used to build wide-area wireless broadband networks for single, private buildings, large hot zones, or carrier grade, city-wide metro networks. Encased in a compact, environmentally-hardened outdoor package, and available in multiple configurations, the BelAir200 is designed to be deployed outdoors to project wireless broadband into nearby buildings or over large outdoor areas. This architecture integrates wireless access with wireless backhaul in an innovative wireless mesh for a flexible, multi-service solution.

BelAir100 Wireless Multi-service Node: The BelAir100 is a two-radio, wireless multi-service node that can be deployed outdoors to provide Wi-Fi coverage in nearby buildings or over large outdoor areas. The BelAir100 can operate as a standalone device, or participate in a BelAir Networks multiple point-to-point or point-to-multipoint mesh as an edge node or as a termination point for the mesh where the full functionality of the four-radio BelAir200 is not required. The BelAir100 uses the same radio modules and management framework as the flagship BelAir200 platform, and the BelAir100C, BelAir100S, and BelAir50C.

BelAir100C Wireless Mesh Node: The BelAir100C is a two-radio, wireless mesh node supporting point-to-multipoint backhaul for cost effective and flexible deployments. It offers an alternative to the high performance point-to-point backhaul of the BelAir100 and can be deployed as a stand-alone device providing indoor or outdoor coverage, or as part of a larger mesh with any combination of BelAir300, BelAir200, BelAir100, BelAir100S, and BelAir50C.

BelAir100S Strand-Mounted Wireless Multi-service Node: The BelAir100S builds on the BelAir100 feature set with enhancements designed to enable fast and easy integration into cable and Multi-System Operators’ (MSO) existing infrastructure. The BelAir100S can be directly attached to the operator’s cable and is plant-powered at 40-90V AC. The units support the DOCSIS¬¨?Ü 2.0 and Euro-DOCSIS¬¨?Ü interfaces, which define the requirements for cable modems used in high-speed data distribution over cable television system networks.

BelAir50C Wireless Mesh Node: The BelAir50C is a single-radio, wireless mesh cluster node that can be quickly and economically deployed to provide Wi-Fi coverage over very large areas. It can be used in standalone wireless mesh clusters or to extend Wi-Fi coverage at the edge of a larger wide-area wireless broadband network. Seamless integration with the BelAir300, BelAir200, BelAir100 and BelView NMS ensure future-proof network growth to accommodate more users, new applications and greater capacity requirements.

BelAir BelView Network Management System (BelView NMS): BelView NMS is a comprehensive software package that allows network operators to easily configure, monitor and manage a complete network built with any combination of BelAir300, BelAir200, BelAir100, BelAir100C, BelAir100S, and BelAir50C nodes. The BelView NMS is designed to ensure these networks are easy to install and maintain, which maximizes utility while minimizing cost to both end users and network administrators.

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